Sunday, 15 April 2012

Evandale Market, Launceston Tasmania

The morning is misty, I load a sleepy Ewan into the car and drive a short 15 minutes. My heart is pumping and my fingers twitching. I'm in the mood for a good "dig" and I have my "haggle face" on! I'm going to the Evandale Market.

The place is a Northern Tasmanian institute. A market that has something for everybody, home grown veggies, wines, cakes but it is better known as a junk market. People come, boots and utes full of their recently cleaned up garages and sell all their junk, otherwise known as my treasure!

Today's loot:

I spent a whole $47 this week. $22 of that was just for Ewan's new beanie but the rest was a matter of a dollar or two each thing. I'm super excited about Ewan's new toys, $1 each and it saves my pocket as well as keeps the plastic out of landfill (I've said it before I know but I've said it again for you who may have not been listening!) One of the things I brought were Figs. I've never had them before so I'm going to give them a try.

The entry costs a whole 20c, that's break the bank stuff!
Still reasonably quiet when I'm there. You've got to be early to get the best bargains.
I love stalls like this, it's the satisfaction of the "dig" when you find something awesome.
I always wonder if this lady just cooks all week to make this lot. Phew, there's some work in that.
The best tables are always the busiest, if you sift enough, there will be a bargain in there.
My favourite place to buy veggies. The man turns up with it on the back of his ute and unpacks by flipping up the canopy! He always has an awesome range and the produce tastes like it's just been picked that morning (I think it was).
Tea anyone?
My breakfast afterwards! (The Figs were yummo!)
I've come home satisfied like a drug addict that has had their hit! Evandale market rarely disappoints when it comes to finding a good amount of junk (my treasure). The weather was beautiful and I still have most of my day to spend time with my family.

How do you like to spend your Sunday mornings?

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